Kareen Meier

Individual and Couples Counselling, Shaman and Reiki Master
Therapy Modalities

Spiritual Based
Relational Life Therapy


Kareen Meier is a distinguished Registered Professional Counsellor RPC #3893, through Canadian Professional Counsellors Association. Her extensive career of working with clients in varying modalities spans over 20 years and showcases a profound commitment to assisting individuals grappling with trauma and navigating life's challenges.

Kareen staunchly adheres to the conviction that within each of us lies the potential for self-healing. In her therapeutic practice, she not only facilitates these inner healing processes but also forges connections and equips individuals with the necessary tools to bridge the gap between their current states, the healing of past wounds, and the exploration of limitless possibilities for personal growth.

Drawing from her own experiences, Kareen has delved into Shamanic practices, meditation, transformative healing retreats, mindfulness techniques, and voluntary service with the RCMP Victim Services. These personal journeys and engagements empower her to establish genuine relatability and connection with the individuals she guides on their paths to recovery and self-discovery. Her unique blend of professional expertise and lived experiences enables her to build rapport and resonate deeply with her clients.

Kareen's approach is an embodiment of her belief in the human capacity for resilience and transformation. She is dedicated to empowering those she works with, illuminating a path towards healing, growth, and the realization of their boundless potential.

Area of Counselling Expertise
Navigating through the diverse spectrum of life's challenges and confronting the intricacies of trauma, whether stemming from isolated incidents or prolonged and recurring circumstances that have disrupted the equilibrium of daily existence. This can encompass not only abrupt and singular events but also the continuous strains that have contributed to a state of disarray and instability in one's overall well-being and lifestyle.
Personal Qualities / Strengths

Answering a profound calling, I have always been drawn to the path of self-healing and extending that transformative power to others. Guided by this inner purpose, I have created an environment of solace and presence, allowing individuals to unearth the profound healing potential and personal revelations that reside within each of us.

My upbringing in England immersed me in a tapestry of history that lives on in the land, the architecture, and even seems to permeate the very air we breathe. Through this, I came to comprehend the intricate interplay between history, culture, and the familial lineage, shaping not just who we are presently, but sometimes casting shadows over our aspirations and desires for self-betterment. My journey through this landscape, compounded by my own experiences with trauma and life’s trials, has gifted me a wealth of insight—a continuous process that continues to enrich me.

Each layer of my life’s story has contributed to a heightened awareness of myself, the intricacies of healing, the power of embracing acceptance, and the profound capacity of empathy to reshape us both as individuals and as a collective whole. As I continue to explore the depths of my own journey and the myriad facets of healing, I am equally committed to facilitating this transformative process in others. The connection between personal evolution and broader social change has never been clearer to me, and it is a privilege to walk this path, illuminating the way for others to discover their own potential for healing and growth.

Education and Professional Development

Kelowna College of Professional Counsellors
Trauma Informed Practice
Victim Services
Reiki Master/Deep trauma healer
Anger management training (to be completed)
Relational Life Therapy (RLT for Couples) – Terry Real (current)

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