Couples Counselling

Moving Your Relationship Forward

Duration: 1hr or 1.5hrs
Location: In-Person or Online

Whether you are dating, newly living together or married. We all face challenges within new and also well established relationships and we may even find ourselves repeating the same events, arguments and stressors from previous relationships or from a long standing one. Working together to learn new skills and increase the communication and connection to each other, as a couple, is a process and one that can be learned. This is about moving your relationship into something spectacular that you create together.

The basis for couples counselling is rooted in the “Relational Life Therapy” or RLT model. This is about changing the way we relate to our partner and changing how we see ourselves within this relationship. It involves changing some fundamental aspects of our identity, those ingrained and unconscious actions and reactions. By doing this work we begin to create meaningful connections with others. RLT also known as “Integrative Therapy” can profoundly and permanently transform individual and subsequently relationships by helping them forge fiercely intimate connections.

It is recommended for couples counselling to have a 1.5 hr session as the nuances, the work and the learning take additional time. You will also be provided with an in-depth couples questionnaire so that the counsellor will be able to get a glimpse of your needs, your concerns and your history before the first session.

Always Growing

A suggested list of books, materials, and more that have had a huge impact on us and our practice that we hope will help guide you on your journey of healing and self-discovery as well.

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