Our Mission

Counselling Expanded

The word “Haelan” in Old English means “Whole Health

We aim to expand counselling and wellness treatments through conventional and innovative healing therapy modalities for those seeking long-lasting and deep change.

Whether you have faced a major life change, a loss of some kind or are feeling a general desire to understand more about yourself, counselling can help. Counselling can challenge old habits, provide a different perspective and help you find clarity in your life and/or relationship circumstances. Whatever it is you are seeking can be found. This is a journey to your own personal fulfillment.

What We Offer

Our Core Services

Individual Counselling

Whether you have a busy schedule, major life change or a general desire to understand more about yourself, individual counselling can help.

Couples Counselling

Whether you are dating, newly living together or married we all face challenges within new and also established relationships.

Pyschedelic Integration Therapy

Psychedelics have been used across the globe, spanning many cultures. These medicines should, however, be used in a safe “set and setting”.

Trauma Counselling

There are moments when events can overwhelm our coping mechanisms. Learn new skills to maintain a healthier, more balanced life.

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Thoughts & Stories

Our Blog

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Always Growing

A suggested list of books, materials, and more that have had a huge impact on us and our practice that we hope will help guide you on your journey of healing and self-discovery as well.

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