Psychedelic Integration Therapy

Alternative Healing States

Duration: 1hr
Location: In-Person

Psychedelics have been used in many forms by humans for millennia. Across the globe and spanning cultures, purpose and substances, people have sought altered psychological states to gain knowledge, healing, connection to their spirit or god, or expansion of themselves. Whatever your reasons for wanting to try these medicines, we are here to provide a safe “set and setting”.

Psychedelics have also been used as a way to numb, self-medicate, or even to enliven a party or rave. Whatever the reasons for their use, these medicines, whether naturally sourced (like peyote, Ayahausca, San Pedro, cannabis, or psilocybin) or synthesized by pharmaceutical companies (such as MDMA or Molly, LSD, and DMT), have the ability to transform a person, heal old traumas, and open the mind to unlimited possibilities. On the other hand, if these medicines are used without thought, or a safe “set and setting”, great harm can be done to the individual especially for those who may have a history of bipolar or psychosis in their lineage.

For those people who are seeking a deeper understanding of themselves or a healing from trauma but have been unsuccessful with traditional talk therapies, the option exists to use psychedelic medicine to help achieve their goals. Should one be considering this as an option, there are some important steps that should be taken prior to consuming psychedelic any psychedelic medicine. Regardless of the type of medicine being considered, the avenue taken to obtain it, or the environment in which it is taken, setting a clear intention and creating a safe and sacred setting is fundamentally important to any successful healing or transformational journey.

Through my own individual journeys, group journeys, and journeys with my husband, I have a healthy framework and understanding of what other journeyers may experience. Because of my past experiences with psychedelic medicines and the integration of their teachings into my own life, I can help those new to the treatment modality by providing a clarity of focus around the healing. This assistance can be provided either pre- or post-journey.

Life lived with the absence of the psychedelic experience that primordial Shamanism is based on is life trivialized, life denied, life enslaved to the ego.

-Terrence Mckenna

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