Maya McEvoy

Child and Youth Counsellor and Post Partum Doula
Therapy Modalities

Art therapy
Doula support


Maya Henley McEvoy, a counselor and doula, holds a deep commitment to promoting mental health and wellness, especially for birthing persons and their families. She fervently believes that the events surrounding birth and early childhood profoundly shape our lives. Therefore, she aims to provide care and support for children and their caregivers as they navigate the complex journey of parenthood. Having witnessed and experienced firsthand the crisis in maternal mental health care, Maya is dedicated to offering comprehensive support to birthing individuals in whatever capacity they may need.

Additionally, as a neurodivergent individual, Maya draws from her personal journey of navigating the neurotypical norms that dominate our society. Her lived experiences, combined with her education, have equipped her with the expertise to support fellow neurodivergent individuals, especially in areas such as parenting and academia.

Area of Counselling Expertise

I believe in an individualized approach that entails meeting individuals wherever they may be on their journey. I firmly believe that everyone possesses an innate capacity for healing; the power resides within each one of us. My role is to accompany and support you as you unlock this healing potential. Having observed and experienced the lasting impacts of intergenerational trauma, my aim is to provide support and validation to those grappling with such challenges and to contribute to breaking harmful cycles.

Throughout my life, I've had a strong inclination toward connecting with children, which has become even more meaningful with the arrival of my own three children. I've observed that our society often undervalues the emotional depth and capacity of young people. I am deeply passionate about aiding children in navigating and expressing their big emotions, as well as supporting caregivers in understanding and meeting the needs of their children.

I strongly believe that artistic expression is one of the most powerful avenues for healing trauma and expressing emotion. Art serves as a means of communication, even with oneself. Regardless of a client's level of artistic experience, my goal is to integrate tactile methods of expression, whether it be through drawing, crafting, or everything in between. Additionally, I recognize the significance of artistic expression as a valuable tool for neurodivergent individuals to harness.

Specific areas of expertise include pregnancy and postpartum mental health, lactation support, fertility and pregnancy loss, birth trauma, child/youth counseling, neurodivergence, religious trauma, gender, and sexuality."

Personal Qualities / Strengths

I consider my greatest personal strength to be my unwavering persistence and resilience. I commit myself wholeheartedly to every endeavor, never giving up easily. Additionally, I am abundantly patient, approaching each individual with the belief that they have a unique story to tell—a story from which I can learn. I welcome individuals from all walks of life with an open mind and a genuine desire to listen, validate, and support their healing journey.

Education and Professional Development

  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology, University of Northern British Columbia
  • Diploma in Professional Counselling (in progress), Vancouver College of Counsellor Training
  • Youth and Family Support Worker Certificate (in progress), Vancouver College of Counsellor Training
  • DONA Birth Doula Training Workshop
  • Lactation for Birth Workers, Doula Canada

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