Gabriela McGreal

Individual, Addictions and Postpartum Counsellor
Therapy Modalities

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy CBT
SMART Recovery
Narrative Therapy
Logo Therapy


Gabriela earned her counseling certificate in 2001, embarking on her professional journey with her first practicum at the Dr. Peter Center's safe injection site. After obtaining her BSW from the University of the Fraser Valley, she devoted her efforts to working with families navigating the child welfare system. Subsequently, she entered the realm of part-time private practice. Her career evolved as she took on the role of an addiction counselor and mental health screener within the justice system, starting at Turning Point Recovery and later continuing her impactful work here in Prince George at the distinctive Therapeutic Community.

In her quest for continuous growth and expertise, Gabriela is on the verge of completing a distinctive Master's program in Addiction Counseling and Prevention from the University of South Dakota.

With a profound commitment, Gabriela passionately believes in the possibility of individuals recovering to lead healthy, meaningful lives. Her own journey as a woman in long-term recovery (28 years) has provided her with nearly three decades of experience supporting people grappling with various substance use challenges. Initially, she served in a peer support capacity, drawing from her personal experiences.

Area of Counselling Expertise

Addiction counseling holds a special place in Gabriela's heart, reflecting her true passion. Yet, as a versatile practitioner, she possesses a wealth of experience in helping individuals navigate various life changes, including issues related to loss, parenting, developmental stages, and abusive relationships. Her training in mental health, while not encompassing diagnosis, equips her with the necessary skills to provide valuable support to those facing mental health challenges, such as anxiety and depression.

Equally fervent is her commitment to assisting women who are either experiencing or at risk of developing postpartum depression.

Personal Qualities / Strengths

Gabriela’s professional work is characterized by compassion, wisdom, and exceptional skills. With a diverse clientele, she possesses the ability to swiftly establish therapeutic connections, meeting individuals exactly where they are in their journeys. Gabriela’s personal experiences with pain have equipped her with the unique capacity to create a sacred space where individuals can express confusion, anger, and grief.

Her unwavering belief in the innate capacity of people to transcend their challenges empowers clients by harnessing their inherent ability to find meaning, tap into their inner resources, and draw strength from their cultural and spiritual assets. Gabriela is widely recognized for her ability to operate beyond the confines of the conventional Western medical model of mental illness, reframing clients’ difficulties as distinctive opportunities. Simultaneously, she emphasizes the importance of holding space and guiding individuals towards self-love and self-acceptance as the crucial first step in the healing process.

In her practice, Gabriela employs structural social work methodologies to help clients understand themselves within the context of their personal history, cultural norms, and family narratives. She encourages them to reevaluate and replace outdated beliefs with more constructive ones. Her eclectic approach encompasses narrative therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), logo therapy, and various creative exercises designed to facilitate personal growth and self-discovery.

When addressing substance use and addiction issues, including substance, gambling, sex, food, and self-harm, Gabriela offers psychoeducation, explores relapse triggers, and employs SMART tools to reduce cravings and triggers. She is a strong advocate for the idea that life beyond addiction should be vibrant and fulfilling. Her motto encapsulates this sentiment: “Nothing in the universe and in your life is ever wasted.”

Education and Professional Development

Counseling certificate Vancouver Community College
BSW University of the Fraser Valley
RSW with the BC College of Social Worker
RPC with the Canadian Professional Counselling Association
Seeking Safety/Trauma
Trauma informed practice training
SMART Recovery facilitator
Post Partum Facilitator
End Abuse training
Motivational Interviewing
Basic training by 1 in, men who have experienced sexual trauma
COLUMBIA suicide assessment
Mental Health Screening (PHSA)
Cultural Sensitivity training/Touch stone of Healing (Xyemeth Family Services)
Counsellor BCCSW #13061

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