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Thoughts to ponder

Healing trauma from within - with the idea of non-linear time

Have you ever experienced an event in your life that seemed “innocuous” and should not have triggered any negative response from you? yet, you felt your heart pounding? felt a shortness of breath? Sweaty, dizzy, disoriented? Fearful? or just plain terrified? You may find yourself wondering what brought on these intense and seemingly disconnected feelings and physical symptoms? What is it that has made you respond in such a way, almost as though you are re-experiencing a trauma? Perhaps, you are, except this trauma which is affecting you now happened in another time, in another life… 

This is where the idea of non-linear time comes in. Most of us are raised to believe (including me) that time is linear and that time moves in a forward motion inexorably. What we exist in now is the “moment” before this moment is the “past” and what is to come is the “future” the idea is there there is only one direction, which is taking us second by steady second into the “future”. Non-linear time holds to the premise that everything, every time, every moment is happening “now”. If you Google “non-linear time” there are many theories and ideas and multiple examples of people throughout history knowing and creating things that seem to be outside of their time. There are examples of techniques through meditation, lucid dreaming, etc.. Which have the goal of opening the persons awareness enough so that they can consciously cross the boundaries of time and space. With the idea of non-linear time in mind, I suggest that perhaps, you are already doing this. Making the connection to another time and another life without consciously knowing you are doing it. How is it that I can suggest such a thing?

I would like you to take a “moment” and think about a time in your life that was charged with very high emotion. It does not matter whether the emotion is a positive or negative one, it is about recognizing that because of the emotion attached to the event, your memories of that time are clearer, cleaner, extremely detailed. You are able to remember small details; scents, sounds, touches, colour; all these details that may normally be part of a forgotten background are bound to your memory, to your physical bodily responses because of the high emotion at the time of the event. What I am suggesting here with the concept of non-linear time, is there may have been other events, other traumas that have happened to you, in a different time, different place, different life… which created an emotional charge, so that when you are unknowingly triggered by something similar in this time, your body responds in a way that seems “out of the ordinary”.

Once you are open to the idea that traumatic events can be transferred into this moment, there opens up the possibility of releasing these traumas. Traditional counselling is typically not able reach the source because there is no conscious and direct memory attached as it did not happen within this time and space. A person then needs to look outside of the “norm”. Perhaps meditation will be what is right for you? Perhaps a Shamanic journey? Perhaps it involves working with someone who can navigate the pathways between the other times and lives, who can aid in the healing process? This is when it is time to find what is truly right for each one of us, what ultimately “feels” right and that which can give us the tools to move us into a fuller sense of self and healing.